Jun 13

Blend 2014 Recap (Day 3)

Hey world! It’s Friiiiiiday!

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And now….the last and final recap….BLEND RETREAT DAY 3!

Blend 2014 Day 3

I don’t want to leave!

All of my exhaustion sunk in Saturday night and I slept like a ROCK. I didn’t want to get out of bed Sunday morning but I knew that the morning boot camp would wake me up! Sunday’s boot camp was sponsored by GPP Fitness, who has a philosophy of functionality and health rather than bigger/faster/stronger. We first warmed up with a run and a few simple exercises outside. We did a group workout (in somewhat of a relay style) full of running, pushups, burpees, squats, tricep dips, and crunches. Our team finished in 17 minutes but my body felt like I had been working out for an hour.



Left to right: Me, Vanessa, Lindsay, Nicole, and Katie

After the workout, doTERRA gave us some smoothie shots made with their special (and deliciously fragrant!) oils.


Oh, and I also did a quick outfit change (as you can see in the picture above) into my elmo shirt because Janae brought her daughter Brooke and if you read Janae’s blog, you know Brooke LOOOOVES Elmo. I wore my Elmo shirt during the Fun Run on Friday, and Janae asked me if I could put it on when she brings Brooke on Sunday. Anything for little miss Brookers!


She is just TOO cute.

When I realized that basically everyone left for breakfast while I was zoning out on Brooke, I headed to the dining area to join everyone. Breakfast Sunday morning was sponsored by Nature Valley and Yoplait Greek!


blend63 blend78 

Following breakfast was the closing ceremony where everyone received a prize! However, I was taken out of the raffle because I had already won the Vitamix…which was a-okay with me!


Group shot!


Shortly after the closing ceremony, I had to say goodbye to my roomies, as well as most everyone else that was there. SO SAD!

I, along with a small group of girls, didn’t need to be at the airport until way later because our flights were all leaving around 8pm. Check out time at the hotel was 12pm, so Candice was nice enough to take a few of us to her house (she lives in Salt Lake City) to hang out with her little family, eat snacks, and just relax & talk in the sunshine.

She has twins (one boy and one girl) who are the CUTEST. I snapped a picture with this little diva:


Candice also drove us to a place where we could take the most gorgeous walk.

blend71 blend76

Left to right: Me, Ari, Nicole, Brittany, and Candice

We then browsed around a nearby mall before heading out for one last meal in Utah.

Red Rock Brewery!

I got a warm shrimp salad and some (unpictured) sweet tater fries.


With my tummy full and my heart even fuller, we were off to the airport.


SO MANY bags to fit in one tiny car.

Nicole, Ari, and I found out that there was froyo in the airport so we obviously had to make that happen…even if it was in an entirely other terminal.

blend74  blend75

I then experienced my first flight delay (about 3 hours) so I started up on my Econ final in the airport. Back to reality…


On the plane ride home, I probably looked through all of the pictures from the weekend 20 times….and since I’ve been home, another 3,939,492 more.

This weekend was beyond what I could have ever imagined it to be. There’s just something about being surrounded by people with the same passion as you that really makes you feel whole. I honestly don’t think words will ever do justice of how great Blend Retreat is. Instead, you just have to go! And you better believe I’ll be there next year in Boulder, CO! And I better see you there, Jen! ;)

Again, I want to thank Lindsay, Janetha, and Lauren for putting this all together. Blend would (literally) be nothing without you three!

Also, a big shout-out to Silk for being the main sponsor of the retreat. They put forth so much to make this happen! I truly love supporting companies like Silk (and all of the other sponsors) that have a passion for healthy living and supporting this community.

Welp, there ya have it! All three days of Blend…does this mean I have to stop talking about it now? HA. I could never.




  1. Alex @ The Fitness Handbook

    Sounds like an amazing trip, so glad you went and so glad you get to experience this next year!

  2. Ari @ Ari's Menu

    I’m so glad we got to hang out so much and I can’t wait to see you in Portland! xoxo

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