Jun 12

Blend 2014 Recap (Day 2)

Hey all! If you missed my recap of day one, click below to catch up:

Blend 2014 Recap (Day 1)

On to day 2 we goooo!

Blend 2014 Day 2 again

What is sleep?

When I woke up Saturday morning, I was EXHAUSTED. I hardly slept at all that night which is hard to believe considering I had been up since 2:30 the morning before! I guess I was too excited for my own good. Good thing that excitement keeps me awake because aside from the struggle of physically getting out of bed Saturday morning, I was good to go for the rest of the day!

I took a preworkout that was in our swag bags from Onnit. I figured it should help since the morning boot camp was also sponsored by Onnit and led by an Onnit employee :)


You can probably tell how tired I was in the above picture…opening my eyes was a struggle. After we got sweatin’ though, I was wiiiiide awake.

We warmed up with a few yoga moves and then did a series of pushups, squats, jump squats, burpees (barf), and lunges of all variations imaginable. The altitude totally killed me in this workout. I could barely breathe before my muscles were even fatigued! I never realized how much a higher altitude can make such an altitude of a difference (get it?..get it?).

After the main workout, we were “offered” to participate in a little plank challenge. At the time I was thinkin’ No fricken way, I need to breeeeathe! Then Orlando (leading the workout on behalf of Onnit) said that the three people who hold a plank the longest get a $100 gift card to Onnit. When there is that great of a reward involved, opting out is not an option.


I lasted for I think about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I don’t usually do long planks (usually 30 seconds of regular and side planks on each side) so plank endurance is something I don’t possess. I pushed myself real hard though, and the last minute I just kept telling myself Body says no, brain says yes, body says no, brain says yes, etc. The mental push powered me through the last minute, but then my body gave out. The three girls left standing (errrmm..planking) lasted over 6 MINUTES! They are crazy in the best way possible. I love being surrounded by such strong women. Love. It.

After we were done dying working out, we were graced with some of Lindsay’s Healthy Bites!

blend33 blend38

I’ve wanted to try them for SO LONG and I finally got to. She incorporated Nuttzo into them (one of the sponsors) and we all went NUTZ(zo) over them! I literally can’t stop thinking about the lemon shortbread flavor. I even offered her my soul for them. When I find a food I love, I don’t back down ; ) She said the recipe will be in her next E-book….I’m sold!

After making too many jokes about how us bloggers love our balls, we wandered over to the dining area where we had a spread of yummy breakfast delicacies brought to you by Quest Nutrition!

Check out these Quest bar creations:


Those things stole the show, but there were lots of other goodies!


When we went to our seats, we came across TREASURE. Yes, TREASURE!!


In a healthy living blogger’s mind, treasure = bags with an entire sample box of Quest bars along with all the other bars that weren’t included in the box! We were then told that since they forgot to include their newest flavor (cookies & cream….my fave!), they were going to send us all an ENTIRE BOX of cookies & cream bars! We were all beaming with excitement and Nicole & Jayne modeled the bags for me. Yo Quest, you lookin’ for some models? ; )


When we headed back to our rooms, one of the employee’s from the Hyatt came by with another room drop! We may have freaked him out a little bit with our enthusiasm and with the fact that we called him Santa four too many times. Seriously though, this was better than Christmas!


Next on our agenda was a hike sponsored by Organic Valley. We got ready in our rooms and put our new blue backpacks to use!



Before we left for the hike, we stopped by the expo room to fill our tumblers that came in our swag bags with smoothies from Silk! The people from Silk said we were the first people to bring our tumblers (there was a note inside our tumblers that said to bring them for a smoothie), and they were really excited about it so they took a picture of all of us with our tumblers!


While we were there, we entered to win a Vitamix plus a year’s supply of Silk! I’ve basically dreamed of a Vitamix ever since I entered this world of healthy living (if you’re into this stuff…you know what I mean.) I told the people at Silk that since I brought my tumbler, they should give me an extra entry…unfortunately that wouldn’t be fair ; )

After we sucked down our smoothies, we were ready to hike! We got to take gondola’s halfway up the mountain and then hike the rest from there. The view from the gondola’s was breathtaking!


Orlando (there on behalf of Onnit) said he had never been on a ski lift, gondola, or anything of the like. Remember this was the guy that also hadn’t had a s’more before? After making fun of him for not having lived, he got a little freaked out when we were reallllly high off the ground—I like to consider it revenge after he killed us in the morning boot camp.


After the gondola ride, celebrity trainer Joel Harper lead our hike and began by stretching us out.


Off we went!

blend48 blend49 blend50

On the way back down, I got to talk with Heather (who’s blog I’ve been following for a long time!) and I loved hearing about her upcoming bikini competition she’s competing in. You go, girl!

Once back to the hotel, we had a snack break sponsored by Kidz Shake!


We all got our own little shaker bottles and could choose to fill them with a strawberry banana shake or a choco/pb/banana shake. Being as indecisive as I am, I asked them to fill it with half of each : ) I love that this company is aiming good nutrition at kids. Their products are specially formulated for kids health and made with REAL ingredients….and we all know we’re all kids at heart ;)

Saturday afternoon & evening was our chance to check out Park City. Being the kind of people we all are, checking out the food scene in new cities is a must!

Before we headed out to explore the town, I got a text from Lauren to come down to the expo room.


I wasn’t sure why but I headed down and…..


My excitement was UNREAL. I literally felt on top of the world…I’ve wanted one for SO LONG. I’m still in shock that I won it. Whenever you enter a drawing, especially when it’s something HUGE and lots of people are entering, you don’t think you’ll get chosen. BUT I WAS FREAKING CHOSEN. Lauren drove it home to Colorado with her and will be mailing it to me. I can’t wait!

After calming myself down from excitement, we all headed out on the town!


After checking out the local shops, we went into High West, a whiskey and vodka distillery where everyone got some drinks. Check out these cool lights on the wall!


We had plans to go somewhere else for dinner, but I was HAAAANGRY so I got some mac n cheese balls to tide me over. I have no words. Again, more jokes about bloggers liking balls. :P


Nicole ordered a flight of whiskey samples and our amazing server told us all about them. As a server myself, I know a good one when I see one. She was awesome!


For dinner, we went to Wasatch Brewery which we had heard good things about! I’m a buffalo meat lover, and apparently so was everyone else! Lots of us got the buffalo burger. Our server was hilariously rude and awesome at the same time. Dealing with a group of people who know their food isn’t easy! ;)

Sweet tater fries on the siiiide.


It was DELISH. I was stuffed. And what do I do when I’m stuffed? EAT ICE CREAM! I don’t have a picture of the ice cream because my phone died, but it looked a lot like the ice cream in this post (<—click there) because it was HONEY LAVENDER ICE CREAM! It’s my all time favorite ice cream and I’ve only seen it at Salt & Straw in Portland. I couldn’t say no to that.

So at this point, I’m entirely too full for my own good. So what do I do when I’m entirely too full? Go to a scone party hosted by Momma B. (Janetha’s mom) and eat a Utah scone!

Blend: The only place where you can geek out with friends over salads…and be high fived for eating a burger, fries, ice cream and scone…all in one weekend.

Utah scones are nothing like your typical triangle shaped cookie-meets-biscuit pastry. The only thing I can think to compare it to is a donut! Momma B. is infamous for her Utah scones so I had to at least try ONE. Smothered in peanut butter of course!


At this point, my stomach was ready to explode and all I could think about was lying down and sleeping off that food coma.

And that is exactly what I (as well as the rest of my roomies) did.


The next (and final!) blend recap will be up soon.




  1. Lynne

    Congratulations on the Vitamix!!!
    I’ve had mine since 1998!
    So exciting

  2. Nicole @ Fitful Focus

    VITAMIX!!! I can’t wait for you to get it! We’ll have to exchange recipes!

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