I just ate 12 pancakes

After not being able to turn my computer on and spending 2 hours on the phone with Dell support, I am officially computerless for the time being…..hopefully it’ll be working by Wednesday! They’re sending me a new operating system. I swear something goes wrong with everything I own. I’m cursed!

Anyways, I’m typing up this post from my phone (feels so weird) and I hope it comes out okay.

I just wanted to stop in and say that I just ate 12 pancakes, because that kinda stuff needs to be documented.

Sunday, 11:47 pm. December 29th, 2013:
12 pancakes.

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “I just ate 12 pancakes

  1. Happy Sunday! Good luck with the new operating system when it arrives. I’m cursed, too. I’m so lucky that my husband is a techie because I break every piece of electronics just by touching it.

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