Dec 26

Peppermint Bark

Hey there, I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!

I thought I would stop in today to share a little recipe for something I made for a bunch of friends and family. Peppermint bark! I’m a huge fan of the stuff and thought I’d give it a go myself. It’s really easy to do and I don’t have any particular measurements for you….because you don’t need any!


Peppermint Bark

What you’ll need:

  • Dark or milk chocolate chips
  • White chocolate chips (same amount as your milk or dark chocolate)
  • Candy canes or peppermint candies

I actually used a mix of milk and dark chocolate because I couldn’t decide between the two Smile

First, melt the chocolate in the microwave. The best way to do this is in 30 second intervals on medium power. Once melted, pour onto a sheet of aluminum foil. Spread it out until it’s to your desired thickness.


Let the chocolate harden (shouldn’t take too long). While it’s hardening, melt your white chocolate in the microwave.

In a food processor, process the candy canes until they are in small chunks.


Stir the crushed peppermint into the white chocolate.


Spread the white chocolate/peppermint mixture over the hardened dark chocolate.


Once it’s all hardened, you should be able to easily pull it off the foil.


All you gotta do next is break it all up! I love this because it doesn’t have to be uniform and you can just break it up into any sizes and shapes.

Package as desired! Smile


What not to do…

So the pictures I took are from my second attempt at making peppermint bark. The first time I made a few mistakes that might be helpful to share.

  • Don’t pour the melted chocolate onto wax paper. It sticks and the wax paper rips really easily with the warm chocolate on it.
  • Don’t crush the candy canes in a plastic bag….even if you triple bag it. I ended up putting them in 5 bags and it still broke through the bags and made a big mess. It’s worth dirtying your food processor, trust me.
  • Don’t process the candy canes into a fine powder. It will make the white chocolate fall apart from the dark/milk.
  • Don’t try putting the crushed peppermint on top of the white chocolate after you’ve already poured it. It will not stick…..I ended up having to put the whole thing in the oven for a few minutes to make it melt again and try to mix the crushed peppermint into the white chocolate….it was difficult to say in the least. Mixing the peppermint bark into the white chocolate is your best bet.


I passed some out to neighbors, friends, and family. My dad and I went over to Alex’s house for Christmas Eve with all of his (huge) family and I gave some to all of them as well. Smile


Merry Christmas!




  1. artificiallybalanced

    I loooove peppermint bark and i never realized how easy it is to make! your hair is freaking sexual. i love it. <3

    1. fortheloveofpeanutbutter

      So easy! Pretty cheap too ;)
      And tank youuuuu

  2. leannenalani

    Looks amazing. Peppermint bark is one of the best holiday treats!

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