Dec 17

Recent Eats—WIAW 7

Hiiiiya! Stopping by this lovely Wednesday before heading off to work for the day. I’m working more than usual this week because I’m taking next week off. On Monday, I worked from 11:30am-12:30am. Woooweeee that was a rough one. I also trained legs that morning so needless to say, I about collapsed into bed that night.

Any who, on to the good stuff—food! Today I’m switching it up from my usual Erika style WIAW and doing a WIAW of some recent delicious eats! Thanks to Jenn for hosting this wonderful linkup!


First of all, pancakes need to be mentioned. Pancakes have been eaten every. single. day. for the past ever (or so it feels). I just can’t get enough. Kodiak cakes power cakes mix are THE BEST high protein pancakes in the history of pancakes. Seriously, I’m obsessed. Unfortunately I can only find them at Target and the closest Target to me is a 30 minute drive, so I stock up when I go.

recent15 recent16 recent17

You’d think 5 boxes would last a lifetime, but Alex and I already went through them all. I just checked when this picture was taken and it was on December 1st. It’s currently December 17th. Woops.


Okay, I lied. There was one day that I didn’t have pancakes. Gasp. Post workout smoothie consisting of peanut butter, banana, chocolate protein powder, almond, and ice. Topped with cashew butter and a few dark chocolate chips. Not to worry though, I had pancakes for lunch. Seriously, I have issues.


One night, I made my spaghetti pie with sautéed zucchini. I subbed the sour cream for Greek yogurt, and it was deeeeelish!


A fun new restaurant I found on campus! This bowl had rice, pork, and lots of fresh veggies. The sauce on the pork was so dang good.


Trader Joe’s gingerbread! I subbed half the oil with applesauce and used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.


I’m currently obsessed with Cafe Yumm and should really cut back but let’s be honest—that’s not gonna happen. There’s a reason it’s called Cafe YUMM.


Zoodles with chicken and pesto. I hadn’t had pesto in ages and I just can’t get over how good it is.


Lean beef burgers with loads of grilled onions and kale salad on the siiiiide.


Stuffed bell peppers with sautéed zucchini and broccoli.


More pesto! Chicken breast with pesto, colorful carrot fries (recipe here) with homemade honey mustard dipping sauce, and sautéed zucchini and spinach.


Waffle pizzas! I used Kodiak Cakes power cakes for the waffles (obv) and added some spices and parm to the mix.

recent9 recent10

Chicken stir fry!


And lastly, Alex and I went out for brunch the other day after our workout.


I splurged and got cinnamon roll French toast with 2 eggs and chicken sausages. Just look at the French toast. Omg.


Straight to the biceps.

Have a good Wednesday! I’m gonna go make some pancakes now ;)


Dec 15

Dam Fit Review—Fall Term 2014

Finals week is over and winter break has begun. I can breathe now. My brain was all sorts of messed up last week—I had total intentions for a WIAW post. Our wifi is still not working (so frustrating) so I have to plan to go somewhere to bum some wifi in order to post. I totally thought last Wednesday was actually Tuesday and didn’t even realize until 6:30pm that it was Wednesday…what? I felt like I was cheated a whole day. Clearly 6:30pm is way too close to my bedtime to go out somewhere (old lady over here) to type my WIAW post. On Thursday, I went to Starbucks to study and type up a post but my laptop was dead and all the tables in reach of an outlet were taken the whole time I was there. Then, on Friday I went to Market of Choice to grab some lunch and use their wifi to type this post. I should have checked to make sure they actually had wifi before I got my lunch and sat down—woops. I pretty much gave up after this.

So, helllllo Monday! Let’s try this again :)

With fall term ending, that means my first round of Dam Fit is over! I say first round because I’m definitely doing it again. I loooove it. If you read my post on being well rounded in all aspects of fitness, you know I have zero cardiovascular endurance (give me weights, please) and was hoping I could learn to not completely die while doing burpees, ha!

Feature Storu_Web Banner

Picture from Dam Fit website

Overall, Dam Fit was really challenging but I really, really love the concept and being in a group atmosphere makes it so much fun. We did exercises that I have never seen before (and sometimes looked ridiculous doing them), focusing on functionality and ending up sore in all sorts of places.

The class was split into two sections: cardio and strength. Clearly I was more excited for the strength section each time, however there was more of a focus on strength endurance which also isn’t my strong point. I’m a heavy lifting, 8-12 rep range kinda girl. Doing 25 rows on parallel bars is a whole other kind of burn…and you better believe burpees were thrown into the strength section. Hellllllo heart rate!


Picture from Dam Fit website

There was this one day. This one day that I wanted to die. This day is permanently engrained in my mind as the hardest day of Dam Fit yet. Let’s just say it included doing all sorts of crazy things around the campus (oh, hi classmates! Don’t mind me dying over here) and this was the most challenging workout I’ve had in as long as I can remember. I definitely pushed my limits…but hey, I did it! But damn. It was freaking hard. Just thinking about everything we did makes me sore. I usually go lift after Dam Fit but on this day, I was done. So. Done.

The best part of group fitness—the people! My group slowly dwindled throughout the term so we ending up with only 5-6 consistent members. Those 5-6 people were awesome, as was our coach, Ellen. There’s no way I could finish some of the workouts without people to push me. I so wish I got a picture of us all—since when do I forget to take a picture of something? Ha ha, next time.

I did get a picture of our feet though! Can you tell which shoes are the girls and which are the boys? Girls have way better taste in color, obviously ;)


At the end, we got shirts! We were all too excited to get these shirts. Oh the things a girl will do for a shirt



And the results? We did an assessment during the second week and the last week of the term. I improved in everything! Hollllla.


The 300m run was dreadful (remember, running is not my friend) but I improved by a whole 7 seconds! I will defeat you, running.

During the pushups, I was the last person to finish and while I struggled for the last few reps, my teammates were cheering me on—and that very moment is what makes me love this.




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