Sep 15

You wanna know what’s marvelous?

HEY THERE! Long time, no talk.

I just wanted to talk a little bit about all the good things goin on in life, Marvelous in my Monday style. :)



So, do you wanna know what’s marvelous? Do you really wanna know?

Moving away from home (only about an hour and a half away) to start attending Oregon State University is marvelous.


I finished my associates at Portland Community College and am now here at OSU to finish my bachelors in Nutrition and Food Systems. I’m so excited to have all my gen ed’s done and can finally look forward to the fun stuff.

Moving in with this dude is marvelous.


Aren’t we cute?

FINALLY getting wifi in our apartment is marvelous. Hence the absence.

Eating protein waffles topped with Peanut Butter & Co.’s Dark Chocolate Dreams every morning is marvelous.


I told you I get stuck on certain breakfasts and eat them every day. It’s just what I do.

Wall decals are marvelous.


I really obsessed with them. They add a whole lot of character for not a lot of money and are just super duper cute. I had two awesome ones in my room at my old house but they unfortunately don’t transport very well. I just bought these little coffee cup ones from Target and I looove them.

This burger was marvelous.


Turkey burger with bleu cheese, beer boiled onions, and BBQ sauce with sweet tater tots. The fact that I took half the tots home and forgot to put them in the fridge wasn’t so marvelous.

This shirt is SO marvelous.


No explanation needed. Except for that I got it at Target.

Arctic Zero sent me some of their new flavors to try, and they are so very marvelous.


And lastly, this right here is a marvelous way of thinking.





Aug 27


Another What I Ate Wednesday, Erika style—what I actually ate on this actual Wednesday which is actually today.


I was just thinking about how all my food pictures from today are really not exciting at all and was contemplating posting this or not. I didn’t do a whole lot of cookin, creating, or pretty plating.

But I guess that’s what you get with a WIAW Erika style—rather than highlighting my prettiest, most thought out dishes from the week before, you get just a plain ole day of Wednesday eats, exciting or not.


Same oats as these (<—click there for recipe), but without the berries. My breakfast for the last few weeks—every. single. day.

As much as I love seeing other bloggers delicious and beautiful meals, it’s important to realize that a lot of things you see on blogs (yes, even mine) are highlights. No one has time to garnish every meal and let’s be honest, paper plates save everyone a whole lot of dish washing sanity.


Packet of tuna and some corn on the cob. I could eat corn on the cob with every meal.

Sometimes I eat tuna straight from the packet. Glamorous, no—but it gets the job done.


Mixed berry smoothie from a little coffee shop.

The foods I post here on the blog and over on Instagram aren’t an all inclusive diary of my everyday eats, mostly just my real good looking ones that I put a little time into creating.


Watermelon Chobani. LOVE this flavor. Yay for 2%!

So I decided that even though I didn’t eat the most exciting food today, it’s good to realize that not everyone realistically eats the most exciting meals all day, every day.

wiaww6 wiaww7

Sushi! Plus one more unpictured plate.

And sometimes I can’t even take a good picture of sushi.





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