Why the Fine Print isn’t so Fine

The other day, I started to think about “fine print.” I think it’s funny that the brand name and tagline of products are so fabricated and pretty looking, which basically has nothing to do with the product. On cereal boxes, the products name is big and exciting, and the tagline is catchy and colorful. In commercials for medications, actors looks happy and cheerful….but what about the fine print? I think we all have heard the extremely long list of side effects on medication commercials from someone with a soft voice, speaking so fast that you can hardly hear what they’re saying….yet it’s usually the most vital thing to know if you’re taking that medication.

In terms of food products, the ingredients are always in “fine print” in comparison to the brand name, pictures, and tagline.

Products are looking a little too much like this:


And not enough of what THE PRODUCT ACTUALLY IS. This is why I dislike the food industry so much. I get that it’s all about the business and the money but this is people’s health we’re talking about here. Fancy looking brand names pull us in. Taglines make us more interested. The fine print goes unnoticed. In this case, the ingredients. But think about it…the ingredients are what the food IS….which should essentially be the most important part.

Okay, so my point here is: What if it was switched around? What if the ingredients were in huge letters with pretty colors and there were pictures of the ingredients? As for the brand name and tagline, those are now in fine print somewhere on the side or back of the packaging.

This whole thought popped into my head during my Economics class the other day (because Economics is just SO interesting…) and I was doodling what it would look like. Since I can’t exactly find a picture online of my theoretical switcharoo, here’s a picture I took of my doodle (I am NO artist…):

fine print

Not so appealing anymore? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. I think that if the ingredients were written all over the packaging in big and colorful letters, people would pay a lot more attention to what they were eating. It’s easy to ignore ingredients when they are hidden on the side of a box while pretty pictures of happy people or cartoons are staring at you.

Something I think would be extra funny is if there were actual pictures of the ingredients. Photos of chemicals in a laboratory wouldn’t be so appealing on the front of a cereal box ;)

It’s all just so deceiving. Shouldn’t the fancy pictures and words have to do with what is actually in the food? I mean, the ingredients are exactly what you’re buying and feeding to yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about indulging every once in a while and not stressing out about the nutrition of said splurge. However, I would like to make informed choices on what it is that I am eating.


Just a little something to think about :)



Blend, Spartan Race, NASM, and Food

Hey there! How’s your Tuesday going so far? Mine has been decent—it’s been my first day off from work in a while. However, I had classes, so it wasn’t exactly a day off. Speaking of classes…now that it’s Spring term, I’m only taking 8 credits…and compared to the 17 credits I took last term, this is CAKE. And I like cake, so it all works out. YAY CAKE!

Despite the fact that this term is so much less stressful, I still don’t have days off…but, I do have hours off…and it’s quite glorious! I mentioned a little while ago that I got a second job at a restaurant. Guess what? I got ANOTHER job. Yep, that comes out to 3 jobs (I realize I’m nuts). In addition to school. In addition to taking 2 kids to school every morning for a mom that I know. The new job that I got is at my gym, so I’m really excited about it! I spend so much time there already, I may as well work there! Ha!

Oh, and guess what?!

I’m going to BLEND this year!


I bought my ticket for it a while ago, and I just purchased my plane ticket today….so it’s official! I’m real stoked. For those of you who don’t know what blend is, here’s a little blurb from the website:

“The BLEND Retreat (named so because we wanted to combine “blogger” with “friend”) is a relaxed, laid-back retreat for healthy living, food and fitness bloggers across North America. Instead of focusing on seminars and speakers, the focus will be on friendship and having a weekend away to get to know one another in real life.”

If you are interested in going, click here to register!


Also, I’ve been thinking of signing up for a Spartan Race!


I’ve been doing a lot of research on it lately and I really would love to take on the challenge. A Spartan Race is an obstacle course race which is supposed to be extremely challenging and freakishly muddy! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m not a fan of running….or cardio in general. I know that both good cardiovascular and strength endurance is essential for a Spartan race…so I’m really trying to up my cardiovascular endurance. I’ve been doing a whooooole lotta burpees because 1. they’re hard and will help with my endurance and 2. if you can’t complete an obstacle in the race, your punishment is 30 burpees. Ouch.


One other thing that I wanted to mention is that I’ve started studying to become a personal trainer! As I’ve mentioned before, my boyfriend got his certification through NASM. He’s letting me read his book (thankfully because they aren’t cheap). I’m in no hurry to finish the book and take the test. I’m just reading a little bit here and there when I have the time, just kind of on the side. I’ve really fallen in love with fitness, specifically lifting weights. I swear it gets addicting, watch out.

That’s all I got for today, have a good week and I’ll talk to you soon! :)

Oh wait. HOLD UP. Did I just go a whole blog post without posting any pictures of food? That’s just not allowed. Here’s a few pictures from what I’ve been eatin’ lately.


Pasta with chicken & veggies



Steel cut oats, granola, almonds, cashews, pear slices, peanut butter & cinnamon



Baked chocolate peanut butter banana oatmeal topped with granola and peanut butter. Coffee on the siiiiide



Rib-eye steak with gorgonzola cheese, baked potato with plain Greek yog, roasted brussel sprouts, and sautéed onions & garlic. YUM.




Pancake Omelet

Winter term is over! The worst term of my life is over! MY LIFE IS BACK!


Let’s celebrate with pancakes, shall we? Of the omelet variety. What? While there is an egg in the pancake mixture, this isn’t your typical omelet. I guess it’s just omelet style.

I go through these phases—breakfast phases, I call them. I tend to get hooked on one breakfast and eat it for a week (or longer) straight. For awhile, it was oatmeal. Then it was eggs and toast. Then it was peanut butter infused greek yogurt. Then it was pancakes. Now, peanut butter infused greek yogurt meets pancakes. They’re now the best of friends and are so happy that they met.


On this occasion, I added some berries for a PB&J like effect. Served with coffee & almond milk, per usual.

It’s really quite simple. I basically make my Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Dip (<—click on that for the recipe, super simple), add in some dark chocolate chips, nuts, and other fun toppings, such as: chia seeds, berries, crumbled graham cracker, cinnamon, etc. I guess you don’t HAVE to add peanut butter into the greek yogurt if you want a different flavor combo, but for me, peanut butter is a need—not a want (okay, well maybe both). For the pancake, I either just use Bob’s Red Mill whole grain pancake mix or use this recipe. All you gotta do is slather your mixture onto your pancake, fold it in half, and top it all with more toppings…because…toppings! Yay! Weeeeeee!

The pancake omelet makes me really happy. It makes me so happy that it also kind of make me sad. What? Yep. Every time I eat one, I get sad thinking about the fact that with every bite, I’m one step closer to it being done. That makes me sad. So if you’re anything like me, you’ll innovate and not fold the pancake in half in order to allow more bites.


And you’ll drink coffee and read blogs to really complete the morning. I realize that this takes away from it being a pancake “omelet,” but for the sake of more bites, I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

I literally ate this every day for 2 weeks. One day, I ate it for breakfast and dinner. No shame.

After my 2 week pancake stretch, I switched over to cold oats mixed with protein powder. Now, I’m back to pancakes. However, lately I’ve been dipping them in greek yogurt.


P.S. Tillamook greek yogurt is my new fave. Perfect texture…and do you see the flavor in the above photo? Cinnamon hazelnut—delish. Makes for the perfect pancake dippage.


Every time I’ve mentioned that I had pancakes for breakfast to people, the look at me with a “wait, you’re a healthy person and healthy people don’t eat pancakes” sort of look. It’s actually quite funny. However, I’m getting my carbs (whole wheat flour), protein (greek yogurt and the egg in the pancake batter), and healthy fats (peanut butter).

Which makes it totally acceptable to eat pancakes every day.