Oct 22


Hiiiiya, how are you on this fine Wednesday?

Today has been a busy one, but a good one. Let’s talk food, shall we? What I Ate Wednesday, Erika style—what I ate on this actual Wednesday which is actually today. Actually.



Before my 8am class, I tied myself over with half a pumpkin spice English muffin with Trader Joe’s cookie butter. Mmmmm.


Also an unpictured cup of coffee because my brain was too tired to remember to take a picture of it. Luckily the coffee helps with that. Thank you, coffee.

After class, a full breakfast was needed and it was a freakin’ delicious one.

I used the high protein Kodiak Cakes mix and added in 2 egg whites, pure pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice.


I topped them with pumpkin spice Jiff Whips and a mixture of:

  • Pure pumpkin
  • Pure maple syrup
  • Pumpkin pie spice

Almost like a pumpkin syrup :)

Aaaand a few dark chocolate chips for good measure. And happiness. Because chocolate = happiness.



Before my Dam Fit workout at noon, I threw down a few pita chips with hummus.


I ideally like to eat a big meal about 1 1/2-2 hours before a workout and then something small right before.

During Dam Fit we did some agility work, sprints, static lunges, planks, pushups, ridiculous amounts of walking lunges, etc. I like to head straight to the gym after Dam Fit to lift so I fuel with a little somethin’ somethin’ in between. Today was an extra pancake I made during breakfast with a lil’ Trader Joe’s cookie butter.


It fills my need for a little carbs, protein, and fat while not weighing me down during my weight training. Oh, and it’s freakishly delicious. Win. Win. Win.

Post workout:

wiawww7 wiawww8

Brown jasmine rice and Trader Joe’s pesto chicken sausage (sliced thin and cooked until crispy—the best) with the easiest honey mustard dipping sauce.

All you need is (equal parts) honey and mustard.


Crazy, I know.

I unexpectedly had to go to work this afternoon and a slice of pumpkin bread (Trader Joe’s mix) to fuel me through my short shift.


After work, I was haaangry so I cooked up some of my recent obsessions: healthified nachos! Trader Joe’s bake blue corn tortilla chips topped with Trader Joe’s turkey chili, Trader Joe’s ground turkey, Trader Joe’s lite shredded Mexican cheese, and (not Trader Joe’s..gasp) salsa. Mixed veggies on the side.


Ha, can we just take a minute to realize that almost everything I ate today incorporated something from Trader Joe’s? It’s getting a little ridiculous. I never even realize it until I write up these posts and finding myself typing “Trader Joe’s” an absurd amount of times. What can I say, girl’s gotta have her TJ’s.

And now, here I am with some popcorn, typing up this post and not studying for a test I have tomorrow.




Oct 17

Five Friday Favorites

1. THIS.


Click here to read the whole article. I don’t think I’ve read something more relevant to my life! Here are some of my favorites from the list:


People are often surprised at how much this girl can slam some food. #AlwaysHungry



LINDA THE VITAMIX! More than just a blender…she’s a friend.

FiveFavoritesFriday5 FiveFavoritesFriday7


I’ve always told people (after lecturing them about soda) that if it’s what you choose to be a “treat,” then use it as one—but I personally would rather spend my treats on things like pizza and cake thankyouverymuch.


Story of my everyday life.


Rockin’ my sweet taters, Greek yog, and peanut butter at work while my coworkers make fun of me.

And lastly…




2. Jiff Whips Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter


I know I’m late to this train! I’m sure you’ve seen this around the interwebs. I was skeptical at first. I mean I obviously love peanut butter and all things pumpkin, and I figured the two together would be good, but maybe not great. Everyone and their mother was buying it and I was convinced to do the same when I saw it on sale at Target. The verdict? SO much better than I expected. It tasted like pie filling. Pumpkin pie filling + peanut butter pie filling = this.


3. Fabletics


I had seen ads for Fabletics all over Facebook in the past but didn’t ever actually look at the site until I got a $25 gift card at Blend Retreat (which covers your whole first outfit)! I’ve purchased a few more outfits ever since and I loooove them. The prices are really affordable and the fabric is ridiculously amazing. For a girl who cringes at the thought of paying $80+ for a pair of good workout pants, I’m pretty stoked that I can get an entire outfit for half that price. I’m not even getting paid to say this, I just really love their stuff!

This shirt is my most recent purchase:


It’s SO comfy and the length in the back allows me to wear my almost see-through leggings ;) (When I bought the leggings, I never realized they were almost see-through and wore them to work with a not-so-long shirt. Embarrassing.)

4. These amazing nachos I just made for dinner.


Because Friday nights need nachos. I call this the “no chip left behind” method. Nobody likes the lonely chips at the bottom of a pile of nachos that are topping-less. It may take a little extra work but it’s sooo worth it. These here are multigrain scoop chips with lean ground turkey, a teeny bit of cheddar, salsa, plain Greek yog, and avocado. NO CHIP LEFT BEHIND.

5. And lastly, my NEW PHONE!


Yep, you guessed it…iPhone 6. I actually really didn’t need a new phone but I switched carriers and had to get a new one in order for them to pay to cancel my old contract. So far, I like it but I only got it about 3 hours ago so I’m still breaking it in :)





Can you relate to anything on the list about eating right?

Have you tried Fabletics before?

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